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08-Jun-2018 17:06

The search feature in general works well, and there are many options to find other users that fit your specific criteria.

Just make sure that you change the automatically filled-in details before you search the first time, or else you’ll get a huge list of 18-30 year old women within 1000 miles of your own zip code – as I did the first time.

Every feature, including sending, receiving and replying to messages is free. Well, besides the obvious benefit of being free for everything, we can have a lot of great features that pay sites don’t have.All we care about is you having a good experience using this site so you can tell your single friends to join! What a Membership Includes Date Hookup tries to keep their website simple, straightforward and without too many bells and whistles to confuse users.After more than 5 years Date Hookup has received a major Facelift.

We are a little slow on reporting this since it appears to have happened in October of 2014.

With the new facelift comes an almost completely updated list of features.