A game of 2 halves speed dating

17-Aug-2017 12:08

For most of the daters, this was their first time at speed dating.

The casual 'drop in' atmosphere combined with the idea of Edwardian parlour games had convinced them to give it a try. He has definitely recognised me- this is so awkward.' The man in question, a middle-aged Chinese man named whose label read “John” winked across the room at her. While there were some older participants, most speed daters were all in their late twenties to their early thirties. He had chosen not to play along with the pseudonyms, and looked at me disdainfully when I asked why.

' (David Cameron won by popular consensus) and 'what talent do you feel you have lost from your childhood? I don't know any celebrities.' He didn't get a yes from me.

When it came to playing table football, the atmosphere eased up.

My Lady Audley was chosen from my favourite Victorian novel, but nobody else had heard of it.

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Click her for info If the idea of peeling countless spuds and vegetables for this year's Christmas Day lunch is draining the festive spirit out of you, if you've had enough of remembering to defrost the turkey each year...Much like original speed dating, you sit facing a member of the opposite sex, try to decide if they are a possible ‘goal-mate’, and then circle ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on your sheet. During football-speed dating you cannot: 1) Ask what the other person does for a living. Subtly, I tried to get around these rules to get back to safer conversational grounds.I asked my partners where they were from and what hobbies they had.I still had a sticky label stuck to me that read Lady Audley, and the phrase ‘goal-mate’ was echoing in my ears.

There was a stick on moustache stuck to my handbag, and I had spent all night avoiding penalties and red cards. ‘A Game of 2 Halves' is a weekly speed dating night held in Shoreditch, and last Sunday Bar Kick hosted a drop-in Valentine’s Day special.We're looking for some bloggers to write about their over 50s dating experiences.