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As a musical theater actor, you get a really satisfying musical... CHANLER-BERAT: Yeah, it satisfies you in both ways, which is everything you want and work for as a musical theater performer. Q: What do you hope audiences will love about The Fortress of Solitude?

BELTRAN: And because it spans a huge period of time, it acts like a history of music. BELTRAN: The best thing about this show is I can’t compare it to anything else. It operates on such a tiny personal level and then on a huge socioeconomic American political level, and it’s full of unbelievable music.

, is to begin preview performances on Broadway on March 9, producers announced Wednesday.

Starring Phillipa Soo and Adam Chanler-Berat, the stage adaptation of the 2001 French film is scheduled to officially open at the Walter Kerr Theatre on April 3, following a limited engagement at Center Theatre Group's Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles.

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spent the afternoon hanging out with the dynamic duo to find out why Fortress could bring the power of musical theater to a whole new generation and what these stars geek out about when the curtain goes down. Adam was doing Next to Normal, so I actually went to see him and scope him out before we did the reading. CHANLER-BERAT: I was really intimidated by you after the first read-through. He can do everything and do it all better than anyone I know. [Pretends to throw up.] CHANLER-BERAT: I know, it’s sort of annoying. BELTRAN: We have such a mutual respect for one another. Very much like the characters, we've started to copy each other in real life.

Q: The characters you play are nerds and they love comics.

My feelings on the tax bill: when Edie Falco's defense of Erik Menendez gets screwed yet again by Anthony Edwards and she scribbles ' OUTRAGE' on her legal pad.

"The musical follows the mesmerizing journey of the inquisitive and charmingly shy Amélie who turns the streets of Montmartre into a world of her own imagining, while secretly orchestrating moments of joy for those around her," a synopsis said.

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The event featured performances by Adam Chanler-Berat, Aaron Tveit, Jennifer Damiano, Ben Platt, Rachel Bay Jones, Rebecca Naomi Jones, and Alex Lacamoire.

Flip through 26 photos from the event below: Michael Greif joined New York Times theater editor Scott Heller for an exclusive Times Talks event featuring performances by Adam Chanler-Berat, Aaron Tveit, Jennifer Damiano, Ben Platt, Rachel Bay Jones and Alex Lacamoire October 28.

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