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02-Apr-2018 19:16

I knew EXACTLY how he felt when he ejaculated inside of her When they're done do I then go in and have sex with her? I even knew EXACTLY how her vagina contracted and pumped on his shaft when she came.

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In public she's the cute shy woman that you want to bring home to mom and dad, but behind closed doors she's a filthy little whore who loves to fuck!

I was really pleased to see just how much content they had for an exclusive site.

They never fail to update and have kept the site going strong for years.

- he has a deep and caring relationship with my wife. I like the fact that someone else finds my wife attractive and sexy (which she is).

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My wife was a borderline alcoholic 15 years ago and he was a key part of her recovery. It adds a difficult to describe spice to the sex I have with my wife. In fact I encourage it and have sent some pics to post on your site and blog... My wife and I make love three times a week on average and it's always fantastic! That said, I'd never let strangers have sex with my wife under any circumstances. We've been doing this with a high school friend of mine who has remained a dear friend of ours.

So, contrary to popular belief, my dating life on the whole has actually been more successful after transition than it was before, as a cis gay man.… continue reading »

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