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Think of it a voluntary subscription, one that acknowledges astrology’s deeper value than Sun sign fluff.

My question is, will it be over when Pluto gets to 19 degrees since this is an aspect to a progressed planet? 12th house, which when activated, awakens all kinds of mean-spirited, aggressive, violent behavior. The GOP tax bill is largely seen as a payoff to the donor class that financially backed their election. Using just the traditional planets in the Saturn-Pluto horoscope (January 12, 2020), patriarchal power is evidently on the rise.

These are good observations and an excellent question. Other outer planets or progressed planets will continue to stir up this progressed Mars long after Pluto has passed this critical contact. The favorable corporate tax will be permanent, while the tax cuts to the lower classes will phase out over the next few years. However, considering that the awakening feminine archetypes Eris and Ceres are both in the mix, Saturn and Pluto are being severely challenged by empowered women.

- Some yr.'s ago, I suggested you do an astrological analysis of the University of Arkansas football coach Bobby Petrino. Coach Bobby Pitrino is now at the University of Louisville, and has been very successful. - I'm having cold chills and looking for metaphysical/esoteric balm. “Noting your Theoretically, the people can undo the overwhelming shift in power to a corporatocracy, but the astrological indicators currently favor a more plutocratic form of government.

I have an additional suggestions for you to consider: the University of Alabama football coach, Nick Saban, has the BEST NCAA football program in all of America. I noticed that the square between transiting Pluto and the U. progressed Mars started Mar/Apr '16 during the brutal primary season when Pluto went Rx. The most significant astro-event defining this shift is Pluto in Capricorn and its pending conjunction with Saturn in January 2020.

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Two Saturn Returns and five Jupiter Returns occur at age 59 for everyone.

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Season 1 White Reindeer (2013) Who the Bleep Did I Marry?

These overlapping cycles make this age particularly noteworthy for most people.

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Many begin retirement, while others have found a niche and want to keep going.

I seem to recall in my astrological readings that Saturn also represents structure, reality based thinking and justice (because it is exalted in Libra). I notice that Black Moon Lilith, since around October, has been near the Galactic Center. A regular News Scope reader is dismayed at the prospects of increased corporate power, as often described in this blog.

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