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Rachel Lindsay's journey to find love on the 13th season of "The Bachelorette" starts Monday night.With 31 men competing for her heart, Lindsay has her work cut out for her.“Bachelorette” fans assumed that, like Rehn before her, Phillips had found her happy ending, but Phillips and Mckee split after a year together.Jason Mesnick & Molly Malaney The season 13 Bachelor had a change of heart after proposing to Melissa Rycroft in 2009 and after the season finale aired, the single dad broke up with her on live TV and asked runner-up Molly Malaney to give him another chance. “I don’t believe in dating someone if you can’t see them in your future,” Molzahn told PEOPLE. The couple reunited at the end of 2013, and last month Molzahn told PEOPLE that the relationship was headed in the right direction: “The goal is marriage and family.” RELATED: Where Is the Ring Juan Pablo Picked Out After He Didn’t Propose on alumni reunion the following year, tied the knot in Florida a few months later and welcomed a son, Warner, in 2012.“What an amazing 2 years it’s been: Dream man, dream wedding, dream home & now a baby,” Durr Tweeted shortly after her baby was born.

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WHEN IT AIRED: April 2007 WHO HE PICKED: Tessa Horst Few Bachelors in history doffed their shirts as often as Navy Lieutenant Andy Baldwin. “I live with my shirt off, so I didn’t mind it,” Baldwin laughs. I’m in the military; I wanted to keep it as honorable as I could.” Fans sighed a collective “awww” as Baldwin proposed to social worker Tessa Horst on the show’s finale, but the pair split nearly a year later; Baldwin blames distance. The Sports Gal sure is taking her sweet ass time writing her freaking recap of The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman. Bill Simmons, offers her thoughts below on last night's events and the final four aspiring brides... The 10th season of The Bachelor rages on, and it's time for The Hollywood Gossip's recap of last night's episode (#5). The wife of's renowned Sports Guy offers her thoughts below on the many aspiring Mrs. Gossip to break down last night�s gripping episode of The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman on ABC. We're going to do the usual thing and let the Sports Gal do the honors. While we'd love to wait for her, as no one recaps reality TV like she can, our celebrity gossip readers demand better than her needless delays. That's why we decided not to let him play this round, and give some other stars a shot. The drama on the 10th season of The Bachelor is peaking as Andy Baldwin cut the field down yet again, and it's time for The Hollywood Gossip's weekly recap of the always-enthralling Monday ride. The drama on the 10th season of The Bachelor continues to intensify and it's time for The Hollywood Gossip's weekly recap of the always-enthralling Monday night fiasco that is Andy Baldwin's search for everlasting love. Andy Baldwins, so let's get right down to business. Bill Simmons) does a tremendous job of blogging the adventures of Andy Baldwin, so why mess with a good thing. The wife of ESPN�s beloved Sports Guy (a.k.a. When the 10th season of ABC's hit reality series The Bachelor kicked off last week, America got to know one of the most well-rounded contestants to date. Gossip to break down last night's major television event, the second episode of Season 10 of The Bachelor. He's hot (as the pictures below, courtesy of Us Weekly, show). But she’s not the only former contestant to find love off-camera.

While newly engaged former Bachelorette Emily Maynard is hoping that the fourth time is the charm, and two-time contestant Kacie Boguskie is engaged, these former contestants have also found their happily ever after. De Anna Pappas & Stephen Stagliano After being rejected by Bachelor Brad Womack, Pappas thought she’d found her prince when Jesse Csincsak proposed on in 2010.

They broke up shortly after the show’s finale aired, with Stork blaming the split on the long months they’d had to keep their relationship a secret. ” Jen Schefft & Joe Waterman After breaking up with Firestone and appearing on in 2005 (where she rejected both of her suitors), Schefft told PEOPLE that she “went on a million blind dates that didn’t work out.” But when she went on a blind date with Waterman, a Chicago options trader, it just felt right.

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