15-Mar-2018 03:19

Yet we have tens of thousands of the higher orders of species with perfectly matched sexually sets of males and females.And any deviations from a normal union and offspring is sterile (not capable of reproduction). How could evolutionary processes possibly explain what we see all around us today?

More particularly they are found in biotite, the mica portion of the granite.

Probably the best source of scientific evidence for Creation is the book, In the Beginning by Walter T. Brown does an excellent job of collating all the evidence from multiple researchers (including Gentry and Humphreys) and presenting it an a concise fashion.

By preventing cancer, the number of new cases of cancer in a group or population is lowered.… continue reading »

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I have a great career, a family I love dearly and awesome friends. I love most sports, especially football a I'm very honest person, love the Lord than anything I'm faithful.… continue reading »

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