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11-Nov-2017 02:53

'It doesn't mean they are lesbians,' says 16-year-old Susan, a grammar school girl from London. It's clear that some girls now feel it is OK to do. Susan's feeling was that much of it is to do with impressing boys, and some of it is just showing off, but also that there is an element of aping female celebrities.

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It's a posture; an attention-seeking measure.' Sarah Harding and Nicola Roberts are just one example of a 'couple' who appear to have bought themselves column inches with a kiss.As usual, it's celebrities who are leading the way, with a plethora of lipstick lesbians being held up as zeitgeisty icons of cutting edge cool for young girls to copy.Young women like Peaches Geldof, actress Megan Fox and singer Lily Allen, who appear to be able to change their sexuality - or to change their sexuality - as often as they change their designer clothes.But after a couple of drinks, they thought it would be fun to see how it felt to kiss each other.

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Both girls come from smart homes with professional parents, are well-spoken and attend a well-respected Inner London day school.

Suddenly it's become fashionable for middle class girls to kiss each other.