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LINQ to XML was designed to be a cleaner, modernized API, as well as fast and lightweight. Append Child(contacts); This style of coding provides few clues to the structure of the XML tree.

LINQ to XML uses modern language features (e.g., generics and nullable types) and diverges from the DOM programming model with a variety of innovations to simplify programming against XML. LINQ to XML supports this approach to constructing an XML tree but also supports an alternative approach referred to as functional construction.

The API choices for working with XML seem to be either aged and verbose such as DOM or XML specific such as XQuery or XSLT which require motivation, study, and time to master.

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NET Framework languages that implement the LINQ pattern (for example, C#, Visual Basic, and so on.).

Even without Language-Integrated Query capabilities LINQ to XML represents a significant stride forward for XML programming. Here is how you would construct the same XML tree by using LINQ to XML functional construction.