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The World Houses provide a home where students build lifelong friendships, but also connect the Global Challenge themes of the academic curriculum to real-world events through lectures, movies, themed learning communities, and opportunities to volunteer in the community through local non-profit service partners.The question at Centenary isn’t whether students become involved in campus life, but how they choose to get involved, thanks to our student culture of inclusion and active participation.Whether you are new to Centenary or are near graduation, I am happy that you have chosen to learn, live and lead at Centenary.At Centenary, students LEARN in and out of the classroom, and then apply what they learn by participating in original research, intercultural exchange, service-learning, and a wide range of intentional leadership opportunities.It will be understood by the administration that each student has read the handbook and understands the policies and procedures outlined.Community violations and misconduct will be considered a judicial matter and will result in appropriate sanctioning.

The Division of Student Development will support and challenge each student to aspire to such manifestations while encouraging students to hold both their peers and themselves accountable to our community standards.Off-Campus Residential Exceptions Students who are married, parents, or over the age of 23 on the first day of the fall semester must submit an Off-Campus Residential Exception request and accurate local address and contact information each year they want to live off campus.The Office of Student Development must be updated on any address changes within two weeks of the change of address.Every student has direct access to our world-class faculty and staff, who serve as mentors by helping students identify and align their talents, values, and interests.

As a small residential liberal arts college, Centenary brings students to LIVE together as part of a diverse, tight-knit, supportive and engaged community.

Equal Opportunity Statement Centenary College is an equal opportunity educational institution.

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