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On the other hand, video feeds froze on a few occasions, and audio occasionally sounded so bad that I had to ask the person speaking to repeat himself.To use Personify’s head-isolating technology, you’ll need a 3-D webcam and a Windows PC (double groan).Personify plans a Web-based version for this fall, but this will still require a 3-D Web camera to take advantage of the features that make it special.With Pana Cast, the standalone webcam that captures panoramic video shots, I found the video quality to be remarkably crisp, without the horizontal facial distortion I often see in panoramic photos.It feels a little like something you’d see in a futuristic movie. First, it hides anything you don’t want people to see in your background, like piles of dirty laundry, a living-room floor covered in kid toys, or the, uh, bathroom walls (admit it).

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Create your FREE account now, All you need is a valid email address.Currently, three Lenovo PCs ship with Personify pre-installed, but anyone can download the desktop app for free — as long as their device has an Intel Real Sense 3D camera.Two standalone 3-D cameras also work with Personify: The 9 Asus XTION Pro Live and the 5 standalone Prime Sense Carmine 3-D camera, though the latter is harder to find.It solves the problem of leaving Bob from HR out of the shot during boardroom videoconference calls, and avoids that irksome pass-the-phone scenario during video calls to relatives at holiday dinners.

I made a few long video calls using Personify, and found the results immersive and entertaining, but frustratingly spotty.Audio sounded clear, and neither video nor audio had any dropouts or stuttering.