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This confused me…I've been in enough asses to know that, from that position, there is no "up": there's only in and, maybe down toward the prostate. Sighing slightly, he told me to wait, and pulled his ass off my arm altogether.

Flipping onto his back, he lifted his legs high and told me to try again, inhaling from the poppers, only this time to push down.

Last weekend I got pretty wasted and had a big fight with my parents.

I was super depressed so when I got home I was out of it.

North Dakotat-155Hawaiit-1,145Mississippit-1,315Alaskat-1,727Louisianat-1,824Wyomingt-5,595West Virginiat-12,780Illinoist-33,703O the new head of the ANC has announced that the government will begin to expropriation of land without compensation, just as was done by the thug Mugabe in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. How can I not echo the actions of my heroes and stand for what is right no matter what the cost? I had been casually pursuing a guy with a French screenname for some time, but never got much of a reply until one afternoon he happened to finally respond, leading me to unlock the photos showing not just a hardon but my face, besides.

What is it about Africans that they fuck up everything? He arrived at my door looking perhaps thirty pounds heavier than the pix, but overall seemed pretty much as promised.

The added weight added much to his desirably “child-bearing hips” and offered no impediment to my desire.

He emerged from the bathroom wiping a towel across his broad back, which he spread on the sheets of my bed before climbing up on the mattress, knees down, ass up, doggy style.

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Three good pushes and my right hand completely penetrated his anus without his seeming to have felt a thing.Turning around, he asked if I'd fist him, to which I replied that there's no better way of preparing a nice, sloppy open hole for fucking.

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