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05-Jan-2018 03:50

However what this study neglects to take into account is that short man syndrome is used to describe a specific and unusual level of overcompensation.

In other words there wouldn't necessary be a correlation between height and aggression in all cases, rather just one or two outliers who have the 'condition'. If you or someone you know has short man syndrome then how would you go about addressing this?

In the case of short man syndrome it may be that in the wild smaller individuals needed to make more noise and act more aggressively in order to compete for food and mates.

Indeed studies have demonstrated that in the wild, smaller creatures often do attack first.

Causes Of course the primary cause of short man syndrome is the aforementioned overcompensation.

This is one of the ego defense mechanisms as described by Freud, the idea being that the individual could this way protect themselves from the belief that they were smaller in size.

A cohort in the experiment would constantly rap the participants on the knuckles, and the elevation of the participants' heart rates were then measured.

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In one study students were made to fight using wooden sticks.If this brought positive reward, that would then be a form of positive reinforcement that could condition them to behave this way.The very stereotype of short man syndrome meanwhile might lead their behaviors to be perceived as stemming from their insecurity.There are several ways that you can go about dealing with short man syndrome and reduce its effects.

One method would be to simply change the way you think.

At the same time the lack of confidence regarding their height might cause them to try and distract from it by proving themselves able to 'mix with the big boys'.