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Thankfully I have other teaching places for references as I was treated like dirt just for wanting to leave.

She was told by the doctor after 2 weeks of pneumonia that she would have to be hospitalized for 1-2 weeks if she did not take the week off.

Additionally, I had gotten into a relationship that my parents did not approve of. However, he had someone else manage it until February.

My dad visited and seemed like he wanted to take me from the country. " He then proceeded to say that he was a dad and had a daughter, so he understood my dad. Since February, when he and his wife began managing it, there has been a 200% turnover rate (including receptionists).

The couple hired just after me have been advertising this job online for the boss.

Another trick the boss does to save money on the recruitment fee - asks teachers to find a replacement - usually be threatening deductions in a passive way - scrutinizing the CCTV and writing warning letters in your 10th month. I think it goes without saying that this Avalon is one to avoid.

Eventually, my vice-director heard and pulled me aside at the end of the school day. The owners favor men over women, which is a common discussion topic among all the teachers, both male and female. wife) is rude and insulting, although many say the same about the owner himself (Korean standards, not western).