Laws against dating a minor in canada

07-Jun-2018 06:18

When I talk about executor's duties in this blog, I usually focus on one duty or one detail at a time.

However, I think many executors out there would appreciate having an overview of their duties, either as a first-time checklist, or as a refresher of what they learned when they first began working on the estate.

A recent Justice Canada study estimated the cost of one type of intimate partner violence, spousal violence, on Canadian society at .4 billion in 2009 (Zhang et al. Most of these costs were related to victim costs, such as pain and suffering, counselling expenses and legal fees for divorce, while the next highest costs were borne by third parties (, police, courts, corrections).

For the purposes of this section, police-reported data are used to examine the prevalence and nature of intimate partner violence coming to the attention of police in Canada.

The vast majority of these victims (80%) were women, a finding consistent over time.

Violence by a dating partner was more prevalent than violence committed by any other type of perpetrator, including one of the most common – friends or acquaintances.

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Not included are those violent incidents that do not reach the attention of police, which according to the General Social Survey on victimization, represented about three-quarters of all self-reported spousal victims in 2009 (Brennan 2011).

Calculating rates among particular types of intimate partner unions, such as common-law and legally married unions, as well as specific relationship statuses, namely current versus previous partnership, is limited to the Homicide Survey.

This is because the accused-victim relationship categories within the Incident-based Survey do not match population data.

As a result, the best approximate at-risk population would be those persons who are currently unmarried, including single, separated, divorced and widowed persons.

Calculating a dating violence rate using the total unmarried population underestimates the actual prevalence of dating violence, since the number of incidents of dating violence is being divided by a population that is larger than the true dating population.

In other words, the rate of dating violence would be higher if it was calculated based on the actual population of dating partners.

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