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16-Sep-2017 00:30

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I suggest you use something like WURFL to auto-detect mobile browsers, and serve them XHTML MP with Wireless CSS.

I've built a mobile front-end for an application in this way, and it works well across lots of mobile browsers (mobile ie, opera, openwave, ...). WAP sites are universally ugly, in my view, and with mobile browsers becoming more capable, Ajax applications are increasingly possible (and can work well with the limited bandwidth/data plans that people may have.

If you have already seen it, then learn how they are doing it.

Or if you haven't seen it yet, then its time to show them how to do it.

This is done through the web browser on your cell phone.

A WAP browser enables a cell phone to do essentially the same things as your computer does on the internet, but with accommodations for the smaller screen contained on a cell phone.

If you’ve ever tried to access a web site that is not a WAP site, however, you’ll see just how difficult this is.

You don’t want those embarrassing content to been seen by others. Luckily, we have got a number of apps in Google Playstore which lets you do Searching for information is no longer confined to people with a PC or a laptop.

It’s the international standard for communications in a wireless environment.

This may all seem like engineering speak to you, but the important thing to remember is that WAP enables a cell phone to access the internet.

But if you need to support every mobile device on the planet, you may have to do something with WAP anyway. Everything, modern-ish phones, smartphones only....? Having developed a few mobile applications I would say that the majority of clients support HTML.

It is of course safe to serve these clients a slimmed down version of HTML in order to design your application for the common denominator.If you had some social networking applications and you wanted your users to interact with them using a mobile device would you use WAP or a slimmed down version of your regular website with HTML? Pretty much all mobile browsers these days support XHTML MP (or some close cousin).

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