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The action moves to London, in case you were wondering, because in 1127 AD, a knight crusader was buried with the ruby stolen from the handle of the iconic Dagger of Set, the Egyptian God of Death.

Ahmanet wants it back, and to that end she has enlisted a small army of the living dead, including Nick’s old army accomplice, Vail (Jake Johnson).

Hard on the heels of Wonder Woman comes The Mummy, about a vengeful Ancient Egyptian princess who is woken from the dead 5,000 years after being mummified alive.

That makes it an all-female battle for supremacy at the box office, which The Mummy deserves to lose, bandaged hands down. reconnaissance unit in modern-day Iraq, who exploits his position to steal ancient artefacts and sell them on the black market.

There was a few other patient at that day care center, about 4 of them, sharing the same place.

One was snoring very loudly and the rest of them were busy talking to their family and friends.

The nurse came in by am to insert a pill down there * ahem * so that my cervix will dilate.

It was quite painful as the nurse kept pushing it in and I was very uncomfortable. Once it's inside, I would have to wait for about 1-2 hours and I can't pee for that period.

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Could, should, the release of The Mummy not have been postponed in the wake of the London Bridge attack?

Still, it’s not as though any of this seems remotely real. I have no idea why Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic story of split personality should be absorbed into The Mummy. All that said, there is an energy to The Mummy that might appeal to some cinema-goers.

And new levels of preposterousness are reached with the help of Dr Henry Jekyll (Crowe), who leads a shadowy organisation devoted to finding and exterminating monsters. Perhaps director Alex Kurtzman and his writers wanted to anchor the film’s soaring daftness with something vaguely familiar. There are also a few modest frights and Cruise fans can look forward to heaps of derring-do, not to mention a fleeting glimpse of him in the buff.

Since then, I've tried rock climbing, which I never ever thought in a million years I would do it as I am very afraid of heights!

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I also went hiking ( first time hiking ) and recently just signed up for a 5KM marathon ( Jas will be like WTF ). I asked Marcus and Martin but they both asked me better not too see it. They set an appointment to come back after a month just for check up. Did like a mini confinement for 3 days and everything went back to normal. I think not right now as I want to concentrate on myself and Mika first. A lot of women goes through this, you will be surprised! I just wanna say thank you to everyone who texted me your words of encouragement!