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Best Visual Gag: A fighter jet destroying its fellow fighter jet with a missile, and then destroying itself in identical fashion. You know, I may regret this when our air runs out and we can't whistle or stay alive, but … Nashaspeemapetilons shows up at the Kwik-E Mart, Homer convinces him to say that Marge is his wife. Best Visual Gag: The barbershop where Apu has his haircut montage: Hairy Shears.Best Line: "Is it me, or do your plans always involve some horrible web of lies?Professor Frink plans to destroy the comet with a rocket, but fails.The Simpsons head to the Flanders' bomb shelter, the rest of the town joins, and the comet breaks up. ' The Two Nashaspeemapetilons' Season: 9Apu gets into Springfield's singles scene and, in order to get out of an arranged marriage, lies to his mom about already being married; when the elder Mrs.Homer then decides to use his spare time to bond with Maggie ("the forgotten Simpson").Best Visual Gag: The take-off on 's super home run, complete with Randy Newman's score, flying slo-mo balls, flashbulbs and explosions. ' All Singing, All Dancing' Season: 9One of the stronger of the Best Visual Gag: The look on Homer and Bart's faces after they see Clint Eastwood break into song. Thank god, he's always drunk and violent."148.

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marathon — as in airing all 552 episodes consecutively, from August 21st through Labor Day — there was much rejoicing among those of us who have spent nearly as much time in Springfield as we have in our own actual hometowns.

Best Visual Gag: As Lisa explains that shows "change characters and drop others" to Homer, little-seen music teacher Dewey Largo and the Capital City Goofball walk by. the Third Grade' Season: 14After watching a slew of reality TV, the Simpsons upgrade to satellite.

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