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20-Feb-2018 06:12

Remember: there’s nothing like new knowledge and a fulfilling career to bolster your self-esteem. Engage a forensic accountant if you think there might be hidden assets. Hire a divorce financial professional to help determine the best settlement options for you.Don’t skimp now on matters that will affect the rest of your life.Finally, don’t just pack your bags, load up the kids, and drive away in a car that needs four new tires. The three most important words during divorce are: document, document, document.Before you separate, buy the clothes you’ll need, perform maintenance on the car, and fix the kids’ teeth. Try to obtain copies of all financial records before your divorce begins.

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The qualified privilege protects employers from verdicts for false and harmful references, as long as the employer did not act with malice when it made the false reference.

Don’t separate until after it arrives, so it will be community property.

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