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23-Mar-2018 01:07

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So, we start off with the list of workstations that will be imported and then have the install ran against each machine in the list using a foreach loop.Now that we have our workstation list together and ready for processing we will need to verify that the Remote Registry service is running or we won’t be able to monitor the process creation.What’s different this time around is that it actually works, and it works really well.

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The specific line of code looks something like this.I’ll cover that in another post another day and update this with a link to it in case you need to know how.If you need to start a local process powershell comes with a built in way to accomplish that. However, if you need to start a process remotely Start-Process will leave you wanting.The traditional ways of deploying a new operating system included methods like Wipe and Load, Refresh and Replace.

Now with Windows 10, not for the first time though, you have the option to perform an In-Place upgrade.I will cover the requirements and limitations for the scenario including a basic overview of how the In-Place Upgrade feature actually works under the hood.